Travel packages

Hunting/Fishing/Camping Canoeing/ Wilderness Camping/Native reservation tour


Hunting:  (Also bear hunting, including shack)

    Moose hunting in zones # 15-18-14 and lodging in a shack or a tent depending on the availability supplied by the "pourvoyeur" (outfitter): this includes seaplane transportation, lodging, small boat and fuel engine; in short, all that's missing is you and your food.

- Pricing upon request

Fishing:  (Prices according to your personnal tastes)

    Red trout, gray trout, pike, yellow pike, Zecs, lodging at the "pourvoirie" (at the outfitter's) camp or tent, all including seaplane transportation and small boat.

- Pricing upon request.

Camping Canoeing:

    Downriver excursion on the Rivière St-Maurice, duration 3 to 4 days, depending on your tastes, plus, as an option, a whole day on a native reservation. Including seaplane transportation and canoe. For groups of 2 to 4 persons

- Pricing upon request

Wilderness Camping:

    Site accessible only by seaplane. 

In collaboration with participating outfitters. You will be isolated from the world for 4, 6, 8 and even more days... You just bring your food and your sleeping bag.

- Wilderness Camping, pricing upon request

- Semi-wilderness camping, with a camp close to a lake, pricing upon request.

Native reservation tour:

    Duration 4 or 8 hours depending on the request. Seaplane transportation, about 50 minutes. Panoramic view of our wide open spaces and of the hydroelectric dam. Guided tour with a genuine native guide of the reservation. Meal included Mokocan (wild animal meat)

- Minimum 2 persons, + Possibility to sleep in a Tee-Pee (Wigwam)

- Pricing upon request



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Please note

- Each of the packages proposed here can be modified to meet your needs, and we can create with you a personalized package.

- Any flight can be retarded or modified in case of bad weather.